There are several immunizations that every adult should stay up to date with. Most people know to get their flu shots or even tetanus shots, but many are not aware that vaccines for pneumonia and hepatitis B are available. Some vaccinations are offered in a 2-for-1 treatment such as the tetanus vaccination which also prevents whooping cough.

Patients often express fear in getting yearly immunizations with the belief that the vaccines actually gives them the sickness or disease, like a flu shot giving them the flu, but this is not the case. Years ago, flu shots were used to inject the patient with a very mild case of the flu virus to allow their body to build up their immune system to prevent them from getting a more severe case of the flu in the future. Thanks to medical advancements, vaccines are not only intended to get you sick but to prevent them entirely as today’s flu shots are more closely related to booster shots; designed to boost your immune system to fight the flu before getting infected.

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