Bioidentical hormone therapy is a popular and effective treatment option for patients interested in hormone therapy. As you age, your hormone levels will naturally decline. Eventually, supplemental hormones that are identical to what your body was producing when you were younger can help solve a lot of problems.

For men, testosterone is the basis of therapy, but it is also essential for most men to use hCG alongside their testosterone supplements in order to prevent testicular atrophy. Using testosterone alone will cause infertility, smaller testicles, and lower volume of ejaculation. By combining testosterone with hCG, these problems can be prevented. Another challenge with testosterone replacement therapy in men is that your bone marrow can become overactive and produce too much hemoglobin. If this happens, it is recommended that you regularly donate blood to prevent the side effects of elevated hemoglobin.

The male body can also convert testosterone into two other hormones, estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. While it is critical for men to have normal estrogen levels, too little or too much will cause problems. On the other hand, dihydrotestosterone is a double-edged sword causing you to feel energetic, stronger, and dramatically improve libido, but too much of this hormone can cause baldness, and prostate swelling. At Sinclair Healthcare, we will help to develop a treatment plan that works best for you to prevent or manage these types of symptoms.

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