Nutrition is an important part of your life and has been meticulously studied for over a hundred years. But sadly, there is more misinformation than accurate information available to the general public. Because of this, various ‘facts’ are picked up by the media and turned into nutritional rules like how eating egg yolks will raise your cholesterol. Since the 1950s, people have been told to not eat egg yolks because it would raise your cholesterol, but the original researcher admitted that it was, in fact, horrible advice. The cholesterol that a person consumes has little to no effect on cholesterol measured in the bloodstream.

Cholesterol is vital to your overall health as it is responsible for helping to patch tears or lesions in your arteries and keeping your brain healthy and working properly. An interesting fact about cholesterol is how it is transported from your liver to the rest of your body. Depending on your liver function, the cholesterol your body needs could be ‘packaged’ incorrectly in the bloodstream and damage arteries. The worst form of cholesterol is lipoprotein-a which can do the most damage to your arteries.

By taking into consideration your family history and current lifestyle, we can find the best way to manage your lipids, such as easy to use fish oil. Fish oil can be a quick addition to your morning routine; however, it does raise your LDL cholesterol. Not all fish oils are alike and we will help you understand the difference between good and bad fish oils, and which one will work best for you in managing your cholesterol.

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