This year, Dr. Sinclair at Sinclair Healthcare is opening a concierge medical program for patients on-the-go who want quicker, more personalized attention for their healthcare needs. Included in this program are same-day appointments, and the potential for Dr. Sinclair to conveniently replace in-person appointments with telephone appointments. He will also be in close connection with any other specialists that you work with to ensure your needs are being met, and your health and wellness are a priority and top of mind, regardless of your condition.

This concierge program is a fast-track program for busy people who want high-quality healthcare on short notice. Note that this program does not replace your health insurance but is a way to maximize the quality of the care you are receiving. This program is limited to only a few hundred patients so call today to join!

For more information on VIP Concierge Care or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (561) 798-2002.