Headaches are all too common and affect millions of Americans every day. The most common type of headaches are stress headaches and are characterized by your entire head hurting versus the pain being centralized to one location. While the name indicates that they are caused by stress, stress headaches can also be caused by caffeine withdrawal, poor sleeping habits, foods, and medication. These stress headaches can typically be treated by massaging the head, standing under hot water, or by taking over-the-counter headache medication.

The less common forms of headaches are vascular headaches such as migraines or cluster headaches. Migraines are characterized by a severe pounding or throbbing sensation and feeling nauseous. Bright lights or loud sounds can make your migraine much more painful which is why it is recommended to relocate to a quiet, dark place until your migraine subsides. The worst type of migraine is called a cluster headache. These migraines typically occur in clusters and have some of the same debilitating effects as a regular migraine.

One of the rarest headaches is called an orgasmic cephalgia. With orgasmic cephalgia, the patient has a headache that gets worse during acts of intimacy. The closer to orgasm, the more painful the headache becomes.

Medication can alleviate your pain, but oftentimes, it takes the correct dosage, timing, and medication type to fully control your pain and gain relief. At Sinclair Healthcare, we will work tirelessly to identify the best medication for alleviating your pain and effectively managing your vascular headaches.

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