The most common allergies are treatable by over-the-counter medication (OTC) that are best in treating allergy symptoms such as headaches, stuffy nose, and sinus pressure. For this reason, we advise patients to first try these OTC options before seeking further treatment. If over-the-counter medicine is not effective in fighting your allergies then we have several options for diagnosing and treating allergies as well as alleviating your discomfort.

At Sinclair Healthcare, most allergy testing begins with blood tests. While there are other options such as skin testing, blood testing tends to be the most convenient and precise in identifying what you have an allergic reaction to. By basing our treatment plan on the results of your blood work, we are able to more effectively manage your symptoms and even diminish the presence of your allergy altogether. For some patients, we have seen the presentation of an allergy entirely gone within just one year of treatments.

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