As primary care physicians, we are frequently asked by patients for our recommendation on effective, safe birth control. For men, the options are pretty straight forward: using condoms or withdrawal, but for women, there are many options to consider. Education is the first step in making an informed decision about birth control which is why we explain all the forms of birth control to every patient. At Sinclair Healthcare, we work with each patient to identify which kind of birth control fits their needs and works best for their body.

The options for women can be overwhelming as the list of options includes, oral contraceptives, intrauterine devices, diaphragms, spermicide, and a natural form of birth control known as the rhythm method. It’s important to note that not every option is suitable for every patient, and that is okay. For example, patients who have a personal or family history of breast cancer are poor candidates for oral contraceptives while birth control pills are also not recommended for patients over 35 who smoke as it leads to an increased risk of stroke.

Some women have severe mood swings while taking oral contraceptives, and some side effects can be remedied by switching to a different oral contraceptive brand or pill type. At Sinclair Healthcare, we carefully evaluate any side effects you may be experiencing to find an alternative form of birth control that works best for you. Every patient is unique, and we are committed to finding the best birth control method while mitigating any side effects you may be experiencing.

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